Strong Men- Body Awareness, Part II

Passage from: The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy -Valerie Ann Worwood

So why not admit it? You sometimes feel anxiety, rage and despair.  You are tired: tired of trying to succeed, tired of feeling responsible for feeding the family, tired of younger men being promoted over you, tired of watching other people accumulate consumer goods, tired of feeling like a loser, tired of trying to maintain success, tired of the job, tired of looking for a job- just tired, tired, tired!

Mental and physical exhaustion manifest itself in a myriad of different ways.  Common manifestations are angina pectoris, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fluid retention, ulcers, bowel disorders, breathing problems, hyperventilation, and inexplicable pains.  And the problem is that the lifestyle can become addictive.  Beta blockers which are so often prescribed in these situations do not provide an answer to the fundamental exhaustion, and of far more use is the awareness to recognize the symptoms for what they are.  Looking at how family and friends react to you is also helpful.  If they jump out of the window every time you enter the room, you know that it may be time to slow down.  Pushing yourself beyond the limit to get the house painted over the weekends, or keep the lawn looking like the center court at Wimbledon is all very commendable, but is it worth it if it makes you so grumpy that nobody dares talk to you? And think about that pain you have in the leg or back- it may have more to do with sheer exhaustion than rheumatic problems.

Relaxation is the key word, but without help it is easier said than done.  For someone in an exhausted state massage provides a particularly good way of relaxing, although it may take six or more sessions for relaxation to be complete. Using the essential oils not only helps the body to cope but enables an exhausted person to sleep so that reserves of energy may be put back.  A rested person is also better able to deal with emotional situations and can avoid the dramatic emotional swings characteristic of the exhausted state.

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