Strong Men- Relax (essential oil massage step 1)

Formula from: The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy- Valerie Ann Worwood

I so enjoy this book.  I use it as a reference guide in my arsenal of tools for living better.

First Step Exhaustion Massage Formula

Vetiver- 2 drops

Frankincense- 5 drops

Bergamot- 5 drops

Marjoram- 8 drops

Clary-sage-  5 drops

Chamomile Roman- 5 drops

Diluted in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Exhaustion is not overcome by stimulating the body further.  The key to regaining a normal state of affairs lies in using oils that work through the nervous system to calm  and relax.  This is the first step, and it is a process of deprogramming so it will take time- don’t expect miracles over night.  Use the formula above or make your own from the selection of oils and massage into your whole body every night.  If you have a partner who can do this for you, all the better.  When you are sleeping well and find that you can forget about the list of things you have to do, move on to step two. 

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