Hurricane Irene left me with so many feeling. I am extremely thankful that I have survived unhurt with no property damage. I am sad for those that lost their lives and for those that were hurt or had property damage. I feel proud to live in a country that made sure our safety was first and foremost.  For all the feelings I experienced, I hold on to joy. Joy because it could have been very different.  The reality of what could have been takes hold of me. I am Grateful to all things leading up to this moment of life. Thank you Father God.

With joy in my heart I want to give you this:


Very few things that can top the experience of love embodied in a kiss.  A magical kiss leaves a lasting imprint of one’s body and soul. A kiss is often the first expression of intimacy.  The first step to falling in love. A special magical space that we delight in entering. Kisses are erotic when they enable us to share intimate moments. A kiss is the blending of our spirits and a sinking into a unified oneness. Kisses can signal the beginning of a relationship.  Kissing is th easiest part of becoming a couple; the work is in the making the relationship last. We kiss our children, our parents, our friends. It can be one of our most loving actions. When we are generous with our love, it enables us to receive love. As you put kisses on the altar, vividly remember a great kiss you’ve had. 

I am worth of all of the warmth that a kiss brings; I am open to its generosity.

“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet” Sadie Delaney, Having Our Say (1993)

*passage from An Altar of Words Wisdom, Comfort, and Inspiration for African American Women- Byllye Avery

 Kiss : Sexy lipstick kiss print icon

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