This is How OMhh Beauty Oasis Can Help You Live Better In 2017

From the beginning, OMhh was created as way to only offer amazingly lush, natural beauty products and to inspire healthy lifestyle choices with a holistic approach (treating the mind & body as a whole). Here’s what we know- healthy hair can only truly be achieved through overall wellness of healthy mind, body and spirit. This belief is based on the philosophy of Ayurveda; an ancient tradition of holistic healing in India meaning the science of life (Veda –science/ Ayur- life). It is the art of healthy living in harmony with the Universe. Using this philosophy OMhh beauty products were created.

In the past, once people tried the products and saw the transformation (hair and skin that looked healthier and felt softer), they wanted to maintain that feeling. We used that opportunity to open the conversation about overall health- Once people see a marked improvement in their hair and skin, they are open to listen to just about anything that will help maintain that healthier condition. We proceed with this line of questioning: What types of foods do you eat, Do you drink the right amounts of water, Do you exercise, etc. This type of questioning will help us better facilitate a healthy hair regimen that includes suggestions for overall health.

This Is How OMhh Can Help You Live Better In The New Year!

We encourage YOU to come in and try the products. Start there and witness the transformation. Be inspired to continue the healthier condition. Be committed to start with changing one unhealthy habit (small steps lead to bigger steps). With that small change, you have already begun the necessary changes for a healthier lifestyle. Subscribe to this blog. It is another way we help YOU maintain healthy lifestyle options. Join us during our in-store events designed around healthy living. Join us in our commitment to do our part to help make the world better. Giving, sharing and helping feels amazing which is perfect for good mental health. Remember, healthy hair can only truly be achieved through overall wellness of healthy mind, body and spirit

As a whole, OMhh is here for YOU. As we continue to walk the good walk of health, we understand as imperfect people missteps happen. We do believe people want to do their best so we encourage YOU to take the first step. Come into the store or go on-line ( and purchase the products. We promise to meet you with open arms and amazingly, lush products that are not only good for you but can serve as an opportunity to change your life naturally.


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