I Love My Moments, What A Blessing!

I so love my moments! With liffe moving so quickly I could barely catch my  breath.  Grabbing moments is my survival tactics. I grab momemts as often as I can. It is literally my air to breath, my smile when I think there’s nothing to smile about. I so love my moments! For instance, I turned my simple walk into focusing on just how comfortable my boots are and what a treat it is to walk in them. I grabbed that moment to celebrate the joy of comfort. Sitting down eating a good meal is another type of moment I adore. The silky rich feel of my hair & body wash against my skin puts a smile on my face every time- what a moment! Drinking my homemade green smoothie (yummy) is a healthy moment (I take those wherever and whenever I can get them lol). Hanging with my grandsons are delightful, cherished moments.


There are so many more moments. At this point, I believe you get the jist of where I am trying to go with this share. Focusing on the positive, however small can really serve you well. Why the big share you ask. Why am I talking about moments. Launching and running a business is so consuming. As a small business owner (OMhh Inc. A Glamorously Natural Lifestyle Brand) I spend most of my time multitasking. My days speed by without taking anytime for myself generally.  A vacation at this time is not an option however, each of the moments I grab serves as mini vacays- a temporary distraction from real life. Some people take a vacation every 6 months to once a year. I take several mini vacays daily. I use them to literally stop time and focus on joy. It is my way of acknowledging the blessings and preserve good mental health.


I encourage YOU to do the same. Life throws us lots of stuff, some good and some not so good. Grab your moments as often as you can catch them. Choose to nurture your sanity. It is important and requires attention. Allow every moment you grab as an opportunity to preserve good mental health. Blessings!

*Grandsons Power & Carmelo

*One of my favorite vegan bakers




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