YOUR DAILY PROTECTION for Healthier Haircare

Are you experiencing damage on top of damage- split ends, weak, dull and lifeless hair. Help is here:

OMHH Fabulously Therapeutic Vegan Leave-In Conditioning Milk No More Tangles $18

It is “the” natural solution for unruly, dry hair. The tamer of tangles. OMhh’s unique formula creates a protective bond around the cortex that smoothes the cuticle as it deposits moisture, shine and body. The pure essential oils, organic botanicals and vitamins create another layer of protection that ensures healthier hair that is well nourished, more manageable and beautiful. So, if milk is good for the body, Fabulously Therapeutic Vegan Leave-In Conditioner is excellent for hair. Suggested for all hair types. Derived from traditional holistic therapy.

Pick One Up Today- stores below

OMhh Beauty Oasis, 407 Lewis Ave, Stuyvesant Heights,  Brooklyn, 11233. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-5pm, 718-858-6644  & (at search bar key in omhh)


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