My Diet Is Changing

In my younger days, managing my diet was easy. I ate whatever I wanted. I was healthy and my metabolism worked just fine which meant,  my girlish figure stayed in tact. The older I got the harder it became to manage my weight. My metabolism has slowed down to a snail’s pace and like most people, I love a good slice (ok maybe 2 slices) of cake and dinner with all the fixings. Did you notice the order, cake then dinner. It just shows you where my head is at. Did I mention BREAD. I love bread so at this point, it’s definitely harder to maintain my womanly figure. With age comes wisdom. My figure is important yes- however, what really matters to me now is my overall health.

Wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle has led me to change my eating habits considerably. I no longer eat meat and I am also trying to edit sugar out of my diet. To help me with my new approach to food, I hired a Vegan & Raw Food Therapist – Adio Akil of Praises Enterprises. Adio makes many of my meals.  This has made it easier for me to transition from meat-eater to vegetarian to ultimately becoming a vegan.  I am dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t say perfect lifestyle because in my humanness I sometimes fall back into snacking on sugary treats. Ok, no biggie, God willing tomorrow is a new day that begins with a clean slate.

It’s been almost 3 years and counting. What I love about changing my lifestyle is I don’t have to worry about managing my figure anymore. My new diet plus exercising fosters the right weight for my body type- Hallelujah!

My Go To’s

Adio Akil/ Vegan & Raw Food Therapist 786-314-3692

Taking Tea In Style. The Ultimate Tea Experience 800-TEA-8086

My favorite Vegan Pastry Chef


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