Help me reach my goal “One Million Strong” (The Fabulous P.C.L. Movement)

I actually started this movement back in 2008. As a professional natural hair stylist it is my goal to assist clients in attaining and maintaining overall health through healthy hair care. I believe healthy hair can only truly be achieved through overall wellness of healthy mind, body and spirit. To my dismay, the movement didn’t sustain traction.  Never-the-less, it still remains very important to me. So once again, I am looking for your help. Let’s reignite this movement.

I want YOU to join me as I recruit one million strong. One million  people who want a new leaf on life, a new way to think about their hair and body.  One million strong- people celebrating beautiful, healthy hair & body. Together, gain a new respect for our very special selves and validate that loving yourselves could never be wrong.

Help me share this information. Please invite others to join The Fabulous P.C.L. (Pray, Cherish Your Body, Love Your Hair) Movement. Share this blog so we may grow by leaps and bounds. Help make this a reality. Join now, pass it along, one million strong!

To join the movement, please leave a comment and your name. Till soon, dhb. Blessings.

*Heart art  by OrangeUtan


  1. Your mom is the best! Thanks so much DHB for giving us tons of useful information, and loads of inspiration! Keep them both coming!

  2. AS Black woman we are always looking for images in the media newspaper or magazines to define us. we look at the current stars and we make unreasonable comparisons. but what we should be celebrating in this the you-nique (spelled this way purposely) individual that God created. There is only one you and we are MADE IN HIS IMAGE. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. For so many years i struggled with my beauty and identity. But somewhere between growing up and life I have truly found myself. I am loving me essentially for who I am. Not what I possess but just bringing the full person of who I am to the table daily. I celebrate everything God has given me. I celebrate being short, overweight, nappy-hair, (loc wearing) me. I celebrate the good and the not so great. I use to subtract from who I because of the negative self talk which destroys you as an individual. As I told someone recently 1+1 is now equally 2. I have to some credit to the best natural hair care sytlist this side of new york city. (you know who you are) For helping me understand that natural hair is and black hair is… and it is about loving yourself from the inside out and embracing what God has given you. I am truly ranting but I had to get it out. I use to have a battle with my hair. I use to go to war with it on a daily basis. using an aresenal of lotions, creams, hotcombs, relaxers and grease to tame what I thought was bad hair. The battle is over and I am loving my hair for exactly what it is. I have thrown all the products away and just loving my hair naturally.

  3. Thank you “stop tryin’ to act brand new” nina. You know I absolutely love what I do. This is exactly what life is all about. Enjoying, loving, living in a manner in which God whould have us live- embracing all that God has intentionally given us with heads held high. It’s a beautiful thing when we come to that realization. dhb.

  4. I am behind you 100% in recognizing that women(black) should love themselves more. It is ok to love yourself first. If you do not, who will. You set the tone for how people will respect you.

  5. I am here to say that I pray, cherish my body and love my hair. I adore every bit of me. One million strong.

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