About Us: The Glass Door- A 24/7 insiders view of OMHH

Welcome to The Glass Door- A 24/7 insiders view of Oh My Heavenly Hair. This blog is your special invitation from Debra Hare-Bey. Your up close and personal look at the life of OMHH. It is an opportunity to watch as my vision materializes in the spirit of Living Life Glamorously Natural and Fabulously Healthy. The OMhh philosophy is garnered from the principles of Ayurveda. This autoblography is the story of building the OMHH Glamorously Natural Lifestyle Brand. It talks about the lifestyle associated with the  brand as well as offer information on the key areas which are the foundation of the brand – God, product, hair, health, fashion, etc. Remember, there are many areas to focus on- diet, exercise, mental health and spiritual wellness. 

I hope you get comfortable, stay for a while, learn much and share this blog. It is my goal to do the work for you. To connect the dots to a healthier lifestyle by providing valuable information. It is my belief that living in harmony with the universe will have a rewarding impact on your health.  I sincerely hope that when you leave this blog, you do so with a changed heart and spirit for a better, healthier life. In true OMHH fashion, we implore you to ” Live Life Glamorously Natural and Fabulously Healthy”. Till soon, I pray for your wellness; complete and total wellness. Blessing you always healthy hair- dhb.

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